OnePlus Might Release a Mid-Range Smartphone Next Month

OnePlus enjoys a solid reputation as a manufacturer of smartphones with killer specifications and price tags, which are more affordable in comparison with most of the flagships that can be found on the market. While the brand cemented its early reputation as a flagship killer with solid devices in recent years, it seems that it may enter a new segment.

Some sources anticipate the release of a new mid-range device that will be available in India next month. Thought by some to be a Lite version of the popular OnePlus 8, it seems that the device will have a different name.

Leaked specs

The device could be sold under the name of OnePlus Z, and it seems that it will pack some great specs. A generous 6.55-inch panel will be present on the front of the device, offering a 90Hz refresh rate that should make it a great choice for those who love to watch video content on their devices.

Other specs include 6GB of RAM, 128 GB of built-in storage space and the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC, which should be more than able to handle most tasks without problems

Solid package

A dual-camera system will be present on the rear, offering a 48MP main sensor and a 16MP secondary sensor. While some enthusiasts may argue that the number of sensors is a little low, the device is built with affordability in mind, and certain sacrifices have to be made to keep the price point low

The OnePlus Z will cone with a price tag of 24,990 rupees in India (or approximately $330), which is lower by $200 in comparison to the price of the regular OnePlus 8 version that is also available in India. OnePlus is planning to branch out as the OnePlus TV should be launched in India on July 2, and it is speculated that the occasion could also be used to announce the new OnePlus Z.

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