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Ookla Rolls Out Free Android/iOS App “Speedtest VPN”, Spreading its Reach towards the VPN Market

We all know Ookla, and most of us uses it to test their internet speed with their But what you might not know is that the company is heading over to the VPN market as well, creating an app called “Speedtest VPN.”

Speedtest VPN is a free app for Android or iOS. Mobile users can access the Speedtest VPN from their Android and iOS apps.

As for what the VNP service offers, Ookla’s free Speedtest VPN allows users to choose whether they want the VPN to log or not log their internet activity. It can make the user’s identity unknown by assigning IP addresses from over 40,000 addresses available.

The big step onto the VPN market was done after Ookla partnered with NetProtect, a Seattle-based company that is already managing the infrastructure for other VPN services such as, IPVanish, among others.

Here’s How You Can Use Speedtest VPN

Whether you’re new to VPN services or you’ve already used other similar apps, you’ll see it’s fairly easy to use Ookla’s free VPN. Here are some tips on how to better use the app.

  • First of all, update the Speedtest app on your Android or iOS device. The update should be on the Play Store or iOS App Store and it should be an OTA update.

However, if the latest Speedtest update – v. 4.4.29 hasn’t rolled out on the stores, you will have to use APK mirror and get the update from there. The update should have a size of 22.4 MB.

  • The Speedtest app has a padlock icon at the bottom – if you toggle it and follow the step-by-step guide provided by the app, you will created the Speedtest VPN profile on that device.
  • The free VPN gives users 2GB of bandwidth per month, so make sure you toggle it off whenever you perform an internet speed test since it can consume a good portion of it.

Once the VPN service comes out of beta, Ookla will continue to have their free service while also adding a paid tier, probably offering unlimited connectivity.



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