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Opera Touch 2.6.5 Update Arrives With Bug Fixes

We live in the century of speed, and the internet offers the opportunity to complete a lot of tasks on the go, saving an impressive amount of time in many cases.

A fast internet browsing app is a must, and Opera Touch has been engineered from the ground up for users who value speed and useful features above anything else. It is also really easy to use with one hand, a trait that makes it perfect for fast use and commutes.

Designed from speed

Opera Touch is ready for use as soon as you launch the app as you can type your query or use a dedicated voice serach feature. Found a QR code? Use the dedicated QR scanner to access the featured web address in a few seconds. It is also possible the scan the bar codes of select products to find them online.

Experience freedom of use as all of the features offered by Opera Touch can be used with a single hand. The Fast Action Button can be activated when the app is started for the first time and offers quick access to the most popular functions in an intuitive way. Switch between the FAB and standard mode easily from the settings menu.

Excellent features

File-sharing remains a popular feature for many people, and with Opera Flow, you can transfer files between computers and smartphones without the need to use complicated software programs or data cables.

A selection of security features will ensure that your data is safe and private. Data sent with Opera Flow is covered by end-to-end encryption and the cryptojacking protection will ensure that attackers won’t use your devices to earn money. An adblocker is also available and quite effective at keeping annoying pop-ups at bay.

The 2.6.5 update comes with several bug fixes and performance improvements.



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