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Overwatch is Ready for Halloween: New Themed-event Details

Overwatch is getting ready for the scariest event of the year: Halloween 2020! New features, challenges, and cosmetics are coming.

Blizzard Entertainment continues the tradition and brings a new Halloween event to Overwatch for all players. The event marks the comeback of the Junkenstein’s Revenge arcade mode and all previous Halloween cosmetics. 

This year’s event will be available from October 13 to November 3. Here is what you need to know.

Overwatch’s Halloween Event: What’s New

Blizzard announced that this year Halloween event would be a bit different. We’ll get to enjoy new sleek challenges added each week of the event! 

Also, many beloved characters now have new cool legendary skins. You’ll find your favorite characters with:

  • Genji: Karasu-Tengu;
  • Winston: Werewolf;
  • D. Va: Shin-Ryeong;
  • Sigma: Flying Dutchman;
  • Hanzo: Dai-Tengu.

Each week of the newly introduced Halloween event will come with a mini-challenge that will offer us exclusive cosmetics. For instance, the first week involves Sombra with her Fantasma epic skin. You can also get an icon or spray by completing the mini-challenge. 

The second week comes with another challenge, and we’ll see Brigitte arriving with an epic Stone skin. The Halloween event will end up with the third week featuring Echo’s Ragdoll epic skin.

Other Cool Features and Cosmetics

Overwatch’s Halloween event will also introduce brand-new highlight intros, sprays, new character voice lines, and a new Reinhardt emote. And the best part is that we’re able to enjoy the cosmetics from previous Halloween events, too! They’re available in loot boxes, and we can buy them directly.

Furthermore, there are more challenge modes for Junkenstein’s Revenge. They are:

  • Volatile Zombies;
  • Vengeful Ghost;
  • Shocking Surprise;
  • Three They Were;
  • Frenzied Stampede;
  • Mystery Swap.

The new modes will be a bit more challenging compared to the regular games of Junkenstein’s Revenge. But, they allow us to join our friends and take down the zombies with efficiency!



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