Pablo Escobar’s brother released a cheap foldable phone that is almost indestructible

Roberto Escobar is one of the brothers of Pablo Escobar. He worked as an accountant in the dangerous Medellin Cartel throughout its ascension and fall. It is hard to believe that a man who worked in such a hostile environment could reorient all his efforts to a clean and competitive industry like the smartphone market. However, it turns out that people, in fact, change. 

About the device

Roberto Escobar is 71 years old, and he is responsible for the release of a foldable smartphone via his investment company, Escobar Inc. The device is named the “Escobar Fold 1”, and he claims that it’s named after his brother.

Olof Gustaffson, CEO of Escobar Inc, told CNN that the screen of the device consists of a proprietary plastic that “makes it almost unbreakable”, stating that it’s “the most durable telephone screen on the market.”

Gustafsson highlighted that their Android powered smartphone undergone rigorous testing:  “The only true way to break our phone is to burn it, which I would imagine an average user would not do.”

About Escobar Inc.

Escobar Inc was founded by Roberto Escobar back in 1984 as a holding company whose interest was “assets and value protection” for the Escobar family, according to the official website. At the time of the founding of the company, the number of Escobar family members was quite high.

Roberto Escobar spent 10 years in prison and is now half blind and half deaf because of a letter bomb that detonated close to his face in prison back in 1993. However, he seems very determined to follow in the footsteps of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, as Gustafsson claims:

“We want to beat the competition. We figured out very fast that if we make a good telephone that folds for a reasonable price, we can sell many units. And that is what is happening now.”

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