PayPal App 7.30.3 Update Brings New QR Code Option

We live in a digital world, as many of the services which demanded the need to go to a location can now be acquired or used with the use of a smartphone or a computer.

PayPal is one of the most popular online payments system in the world, with the service offering the option to send or receive money in a fast, convenient, and secure way. The dedicated PayPal app comes with a rich assortment of features and a friendly UI that make it easy to use.

Fast and reliable

Creating a new PayPal account is easy, and the task can be completed in a few minutes as all that you need is your email address, a mobile phone number, and a payment method (card, bank account, mobile top-up service, or others).

Once the validation process is completed, you can start to send or receive money easily. A built-in search option allows users to type a name, email address, or phone number to locate the person to whom you want to send money or send a request to receive money.

Secure and easy to use

It is easier than ever to make safe payments with PayPal as important information is protected, and the service will block any attempts that might be tied to potential frauds. Instant push notifications will let you know when money was sent and received, and you can log in to check the balance and recent transactions.

Paypal can be used as a payment method for a large variety of goods and services, ranging for popular online stores to your local delivery company. Users can top-up their PayPal balance easily or transfer money to their bank account with a few taps.

The 7.30.3 update comes with the option to generate QR codes with a specific amount of money for sellers and to pay by scanning QR codes as a buyer.

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