Persona 5 Royal: An Overview Of The Phantom Thieves

These are the students fighting back against Tokyo’s corrupt hearts!

The release of Persona 5 Royal is upon us! This new release is based on the worldwide success of Persona 5, with the addition of characters and new plots. Fans of the game can expect the experience to go way more in-depth with fresh takes on the storyline of the beloved RPG. Are you new to the world of Persona? If so, our spotlighting of the game’s characters and storylines they participate in might help you.

The keyword is “new” – New characters, New palaces, new personas. It’s going to be more than an average school year.

The Plot

The game is set in modern-day Tokyo, where the main character has recently moved to participate in high school under close watch because he is under probation for a crime he was unjustifiedly accused of. At some point in the school year, he and other students discover their powers to summon Personas. It is up to them to make use of their Personas to break into the minds and hearts of adults to reverse their negative and corrupt thoughts before it can provoke harm to others.

The Phantom Thieves, as they’re known, explore the Metaverse, which is a supernatural realm originating in humanity’s subconscious desires. Some of them are good, while the others are bad.

The Phantom Thieves must leverage their Personas’ power to break into the Palaces. From that point, they can get ahold of Treasures that symbolize the corrupt thoughts of their targets. After claiming such Treasures, evil thoughts vanish from the psyche of their target, and they take a turn for the better.

Thanks to this exciting process, The Phantom Thieves can turn once malevolent people into virtuous citizens.

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