Persona 5 Royal Latest Review Insights – New Details On The Improvements

Persona 5 succeeded in gaining the most significant Japanese Role-playing Game title of all time. It got those perfect elements and advanced features that proved to be the best game formula so far. Some stated that such a thing it’s impossible to exceed by all means.

And then, we have Persona 5 Royal. The game got more of a reimagining and less of an expansion. It also took Persona 5’s formula, so praised and enjoyable, and made a brand-new turn on the hugely acclaimed journey.

Persona 5 Royal’s Features Exposed

If you’re not familiar with the Persona 5 Royal’s world, the game is a part social dungeon crawler, part visual story, and part social sim. It embodies all of those categories in one vast and fantastic ensemble that amazingly displays the greatest of each element, efficiently.

Persona 5 Royal is exclusively launched for the PS4, being firstly teased by Atlus back in December 2018. The Royal series introduced the third school term events that don’t occur in the Persona 5. The third term happenings comprise some contradictory yet odd changes.

Morgana, for example, is now a young man and a TV star. Ryuji’s leg recovered and became a leader again. Yusuke finally gets well with Ichiryusai, and Shiho is happily hanging out with Ann. As for Wakaba Isshiki, she’s alive and well and entrusted Sojiro to watch over Futaba while she works. Also, Kunikazu Okumura is alive and is no longer hostile to everyone.

The rest of the characters appear to have changed a lot in the Persona 5 Royal drama series, and we got once again to witness the teenagers’ struggles and adventures. But how did Persona 5 improved the Royal’s development? Atlus developed undoubtedly a masterpiece. Fans are amazed by how great the game experience is, and the arrival of the new features sure do the trick, as well.

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