Persona 5 Royale Seems Like a New Game Because of the Latest Changes

The central theme in Persona 5 released in Japan in 2016, is about adults in power positions who commit crimes and are corrupt politicians. Our heroes, a group of teenagers, want to fight against these persons and the abusive authorities, and they are forming Phantom Thieves.

Their purpose is to find and fight against their targets and make them confess what they have done. If you want a game that gives you a combination of combat and relationship building, then Person 5 is the one for you as well.

More than three years ago, Persona 5 was released worldwide, and after that, an expansion game called Persona 5 Royale. The expansion added new content to the original game, with new mechanics and features. With Persona 5 Royale, you could also explore the dungeons, a thing that wasn’t possible in the original game, plus a new area from Tokyo, a new Phantom Thief, and an additional semester.

New Character in Persona 5

The new character added to Persona 5 Royale, Kasumi, has its own story to discover. Persona 5 Royale is another re-released game with new content, the same as it was Persona 3 FES, and Persona 4 Golden. Take note that the actual expansion of Persona 5 Royale is not quite the same as the other re-releases because here you have changes, new characters who are joining your team, and reinvented boss.

However, the developer is coming with four save files for Persona 5 Royale, which you can choose to play and see about the changes from the game. You will see the new mechanic, the grappling hook, which is practically a video game with additions and strategic options. You will find new doors that will show you a Will Seed in each palace. Also, you will encounter unfamiliar enemies, a new area, Kichijoji, shops, and people.

All in all, the changes in Persona 5 Royale are coming with requests from residents that need help from the Phantom Thieves and other side quests that you can complete. When you play the game, you will feel that it is not a simple re-release, but a fresh point for discoveries and stories.

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