Philips Hue CES 2020 Outdoor Line and Recessed Downlights is Arriving

Who said that CES 2020 isn’t going to be as exciting as people were initially hoping? CES is the perfect gathering place for all those who are implicated in the business of consumer technologies. With half of century of showcasing innovations and breakthrough technologies, we had another interesting appearance at this event: the Phillips Hue.

Thus, we are witnessing the introduction of 11 new outdoor light fixtures. A total of seven new lights can be bought today. For the first time, there are recessed versions of white and color downlights.

An official statement sheds some light within the products:

“With our latest additions to the Philips Hue outdoor collection, we offer consumers endless possibilities to create unique and personalized light effects that enhance their home’s curb appeal and set the right outdoor mood for every occasion.”

Philips Hue Lily XL

This product is an updated version for the outdoor spotlight. This is a larger version that includes a more powerful spotlight, and that creates a more significant effect. There is also a low-voltage fixture, and you can use either white light or one of 16 million colors.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Downlight 4-inch

This one replaces existing recessed fixtures and it thus offers a clean and authentic look. The 4-inch version even has updated Bluetooth capabilities.

One official description says the following:

“Add a Hue White Ambiance 4-inch recessed downlight with warm-to-cool white light to give you the best light for your daily routines. Control instantly via Bluetooth in one room or pair with a Hue Bridge to unlock the full suite of smart lighting features. This stylish recessed downlight is easy to install in any E26 medium base recessed can.”

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Downlight 5/6-inch

This gadget can bring playful colors to your kitchen or to any other room. It offers 16 million colors and warm-to-cool white light. Last but not least, it’s even capable of Bluetooth capabilities for instant light control in one room.

The whole offer is much more generous, and we can’t cover it all in this article. One thing’s for sure: it’s totally worth exploring these products.

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