Planet 9 May Be A Black Hole

Planet 9 has been a hot topic in the scientific community for several, with several debates being sparked since the initial theory about its possible existence was announced. Many researchers remain unimpressed by the theories related to the existence of a planet in the outer areas of the solar system.

A team of researchers from Harvard University and the Black Hole initiative want to verify a new theory that argues that the objects which seem to be present near the edge of our solar system are, in fact, a black hole.

Searching the universe

The team plans to track down the black hole with the help of data collected by the Legacy Survey of Space-Time. Some of the information gathered for the survey can be employed to find accretion flares, which form when objects are too close to a black hole.

The heat generated by the accretion of gas which surrounds a black hole is strong enough to melt most small bodies that get too close. After they melt, the small bodies will be influenced by the tidal disruption generated by a black hole and will end up as more fuel for the object.

Future study

The study is quite ambitious, but there is a  major caveat as the Legacy Survey of Space-Time hasn’t started yet. While the researchers who plan the study are confident that the survey can spot relevant flares, they will have to wait until the first batches of data are available.

It is theorized that a small black hole with a mass between five to ten Earth-like planets could exist. The quality of being a black hole would allow the object to be considerably smaller than our planet despite the impressive mass, with some arguing that it could be as small as a grapefruit.

Further research will take place in the future as researchers want to learn more about the edge of our solar system



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