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PlayStation 5 Controller Could Come With An Interesting New Feature

A reliable source has uncovered a new patent that suggests an interesting feature that could be provided by the PlayStation 5 controller. It seems that the accessory will come with the ability to monitor biofeedback in the form of sweat and heart rate while it is being used.

The controller will perform the task with the help of a built-in heart rate and sweat secretion sensors that will be found on the sides of the device. It is theorized that the data will be harnessed by the console to adjust the difficulty of a game dynamically to deliver an optimal user experience.

Sony has already mentioned an exciting new feature, as the controller will provide haptic feedback in specific contexts. A high-ranking PlayStation employee has stated in the past that haptic feedback will provide more immersion in the case of titles like Gran Turismo.

Sony to add new functions to the PlayStation 5 controller

Another hint was provided by the developer team behind the popular Metro video game series. During an interview offered to a popular gaming news platform, one of the developers mentioned that the upcoming console would come with a set of interesting features that cannot be discussed at this point.

There were no details related to the PS5 controller, but the studio is impressed by the ray-tracing capabilities of the device. One of the other interesting aspects discussed in the interview is represented by the fact that the studio is working on a new next-generation game that could be a part of the launch titles selection.

In other news, it appears that Sony is having some cost issues related to the manufacturing process of the device. Since the console features bleeding-edge parts, it is more expensive to make than previously thought, with some sources arguing that it may come with a price tag of $499 or even more. More information may surface in the following months.



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