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PlayStation 5 Controller Could Sport A Feature That No One Expected

It is well-known that the CPU and GPU units included in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are manufactured by AMD, but this does not mean that the devices will offer the same features.
For example, Xbox Scarlett will offer Xbox Play Anywhere, a feature that allows gamers to play their favorite games on PCs, Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett while retaining their progress and achievements among the platforms.

Halo Infinite. Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves will be among the first titles that support the seamless transition between the three platforms without problems. The feature could be quite useful for some gamers as it allows them to enjoy the experience without being tied to a single device.

According to a recent report, the PS5 could offer an interesting feature in the form of a virtual assistant that could offer valuable advice during gameplay. Earlier in September, prospective customers learned that the assistant would have the ability to answer a selection of specific questions.

PlayStation 5 Controller Could Come With A Built-in Microphone

A mobile app version of the assistant would deliver interesting gaming statistics and data about in-game events. Besides general advice, the assistant could offer more information about specific in-game items, including spawn locations and the advantages gained from collecting them.

After Sony showcased the next version of the popular DualShock controller, eagle-eyed fans observed that the prototype seems to feature a microphone. Sony did not confirm the feature but a virtual assistant would benefit from it, a fact that seems to reinforce the theories related to its existence.

A news outlet has tracked down a patent that describes a technology that can offer information about user-generated content –played with gameplay data linked to video games. The feature could be quite useful since users will not have to use a different device or switch to the browser to look for a walkthrough when they are stuck during a specific sequence. More data about the feature could surface in the future.



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