PlayStation 5 Controller Will Have New Extraordinary Features, Says Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan, who works as the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, says in an interview a lot of new details about Play Station 5 and its new controller. Ryan is detailing the changes in the new controller and also about the game experience you have when you use it. Ryan himself did the test, so we now know how this controller works after testing and not only the technical information.

Jim Ryan is saying that the new controller is specially created and design for the original PS console and all its features will be extraordinary. The controller is working on the haptic technology, which improves the gameplay way better than the previous controller is working right now. The CEO declares that the test of the new controller was made even by himself with the Gran Turismo Sport game.

Jim Ryan Reveals that the PlayStation 5 Controller Will Have New Extraordinary Features

The feeling is extraordinary and different! Having this feature with the latest improvements in the graphics segment of the PlayStation 5, everything will feel amazing! Moreover, the haptic technology is not the only feature that the new controller will bring. The trigger on L2/R2 will be adaptive, which means that the developers can customize each of the triggers’ resistance. In other words, with the new triggers, the gameplay could vary from easy or hard to use. Ryan is giving the best example of this kind of feeling, the pulling back of a bowstring.

Finally, the developers know about the combination of the two features, so they are getting the kits for the new device and the customization of the game action. What Jim Ryan didn’t tell us the name of the next controller. Just like the future console that doesn’t have a name, it appears Sony is doing the same thing with the controller. We will if Sony stays with the DualShock name or not.

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