PlayStation 5 Leak Gives Us The First Glimpse Of Sony’s Next-Gen Console

Lately, the Internet is full of news, rumors, and reports regarding Sony’s next-gen console – PlayStation 5. While, recently, the entertainment company revealed that PlayStation 5 would come out during the holiday season of 2020, now it’s time for another massive PlayStation 5 leak.

Thanks to this latest leak, we might have the first glimpse of the design of the upcoming next-gen console from Sony. The PS5 devkit appeared quite often lately all over the Internet. It all started with a leaked patent and continued with several other reports in this regard. Even Sony showed the PlayStation 5 devkit when it presented the future controller.

But, in the new leak, we have a real photo of the PlayStation 5 devkit that Sony sent to game developers so that they can finish their titles before the launch of the new console. LetsGoDigital, the same site that came up with the first report on the leaked patent, is also behind this new discovery.

PlayStation Devkit Leaked, Giving Us The First Glimpse On The Upcoming Next-Gen Console

The image above, posted by LetsGoDigital on Twitter, represents the first genuine photo of the PlayStation 5 devkit that Sony sent to game developers. As we can see, the device in the pic above looks exactly like the one that appeared in the patent discovered by LetsGoDigital earlier this year.

We can see the V-shaped air vent on the top of the console and lots of front-facing ports. Usually, PS devkits don’t look like the final version of the console. However, it would make no sense for Sony to come up with such an innovative design only for those dev kits devices.

Accordingly, we should expect that the final design of the PlayStation 5 next-gen console to be in line with what we see in the picture above. Probably, some change would be implemented, but the V-shaped design would most likely remain, as it might be the PS5’s iconic element of design.

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