PlayStation 5 Might Outperform Xbox Scarlett, According To Recent Rumors

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, the next-gen consoles of Sony and, respectively, Microsoft, would come out during the Holiday season of 2020. The rivalry between the two gadgets dates back to the first models of the consoles. And, as it seems, PlayStation scored better over the time than its rival. The same might also happen regarding PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

The rivalry is not what it seems, as Sony and Microsoft have an agreement

There will always be die-hard fans. While some would always choose PlayStation 5 over Xbox Scarlett only because they are fans of Sony, others would opt for Xbox Scarlett instead of PS5 without questioning which console would be better and more performant.

But that’s not the primary topic of discussion here. Sony and Microsoft are afraid that Google Stadia and the emergence of other cloud gaming platforms would make the physical consoles useless. And they are right. Playing triple-A games right in the Chrome browser is undoubtedly a dream of every gamer that cannot afford a console.

That’s why the two rivals decided to join forces and create their own cloud gaming platform to keep up with Google.

PlayStation 5 Might Outperform Xbox Scarlett

As for the current-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 sold better than Xbox One, and exclusive titles have significantly contributed to that. Going more in-depth, under the hood, the things are not very different, by PS 4 seems more stable, even though Xbox One doesn’t lag behind too much.

According to the rumored and leaked specs, both Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 would focus on AMD components. Both devices would come out with pretty much the same configuration. With both sporting powerful processors and graphics cards, along with SSDs for storage, someone could say the next-gen consoles would run shoulder to shoulder.

In reality, it all might reduce to exclusive games, and, in this regard, Sony is the irrefutable winner. Many PlayStation 5-exclusive games are planned, and that might make Xbox Scarlett and Microsoft lose the battle against Sony and PS 5.

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