PlayStation 5 Rumors – Release Date, Specs, and Price

It’s been a while since we saw the release of the PlayStation 4, and thoughts of a next-generation make us excited. PS4 is known as one of the biggest selling game consoles worldwide, and it seems that this fact will remain for a while. The CEO of the company has officially announced that the new console is under development. Back in May 2018, he even hinted that the process might take a while, and the company can take another three years before the launch.

According to Michael Patcher, an industry analyst, the release of PS5 can be expected around 2020. Such a fact explains why some games by the company didn’t receive any updates during the E3 event last year.

Rise of A New Generation

It’s too soon to speculate which hardware PlayStation 5 will operate. Of course, we’re going to have a balance between costs and performance. For example, PS4 did so well due to its performance brought on the third-party titles. However, in a world of gaming, the features should be tough and accurate to satisfy every player’s desires.

PlayStation 5 Features

There are some chances PlayStation 5 to arrive with an AMD Ryzen processor, according to Simon Pilgrim, the principal programmer of Sony Advanced Technology Group. Moreover, Charlie Demerijan of Semi-accurate thinks otherwise. He is known to have the specs about the devkits of PS5, and according to him, we should see an 8-Core Zen CPU and a Navi-based GPU.

As for its storage specs, PS5 is likely to be more prominent with a new VR headset. Other features might include an enhancement of the Blu-ray playback, and other fixes much expected.

PlayStation 5 Cost

By analyzing Xbox One X, which is priced at 450 GBP, Sony’s PlayStation 5 might choose a similar cost. It is still too soon for such speculations, but it’s good to make our estimations early.

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