PlayStation 5 To Come With Unique Features, But Sony Has’t Revealed Them At CES 2020

Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment president, and CEO unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo during CES 2020, an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association.

Though a logo is not very significant reveal, more like a tease for the fans, Ryan has announced that there is further thrilling news about the system around the corner and some essential pieces of information hidden up the sleeve.

PlayStation 5 will have unique features, says Ryan, in an interview with Business Insider Japan, which has been translated by Gematsu. He mentions the improvements Sony has already declared, such as haptic feedback in the controllers, 3D audio, and the addition of a solid-state drive. However, he also implies that there are more features to come on top of them.

“There are still more unique elements for PlayStation 5 to come that separate it from previous consoles,” Ryan says. “The ‘bigger differences’ have yet to be announced.”

Jim Ryan teased the fans with some PlayStation 5 unique features

The statement is not very clear, but it kind of suggests that we haven’t seen the system’s full range of possibilities yet. He is leaving us curious about the things we may not be able to anticipate regarding the system. Be sure that Sony is holding back features they consider even more important and exciting compared to the full backward compatibility.

In a different part of the interview, the CEO also shares his opinion about delaying the release of Japanese PlayStation 4, as not such a brilliant idea on reflection. He is suggesting that PlayStation 4 support will not immediately cease when the PS5 launching, which makes sense.

“During the migration from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, there will still be a great deal of PlayStation 4 users. That is very important, and we have an obligation to those users.”

Well, we can’t wait for the unique features of Playstation 5 that Ryan is talking about!

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