PlayStation 5’s Frame Rate Goal Set To 240 FPS

This holiday season is going to offer us the PlayStation 5. But what games will the upcoming PlayStation 5 bring to light? We already know some of the games that the next console will bring, but none of them are system sellers.

What we know for sure is that Godfall and Outriders games will come out with the PlayStation 5 console. What we really want to know is what system sellers are going to be released with the upcoming console? What PlayStation exclusive titles will we enjoy next?

All we have now are a couple of rumors, and we are going to share them with you. So here’s a list of possible upcoming games for the PlayStation 5 console:

  • a reboot of SOCOM
  • a new Gran Turismo
  • a new Ratchet & Clank
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2
  • a sequel to The Order 1886
  • a remake of Demon’s Souls

PlayStation 5 at 240 FPS

Although the above list is just hypothetical, people keep talking about one specific possible project. What seems to keep people busy lately is the new Gran Turismo rumor. We have news about the future of the long-running racing series.

“Rather than a spatial resolution that you’re talking about, I’m more interested in the advancements we can make in terms of the time resolution,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, the boss of Polyphony Digital. “In terms of frames per second, rather than staying at 60 fps, I’m more interested in raising it to 120 fps or even 240 fps. I think that’s what’s going to be changing the experience from here on forward.”

You may wonder how his comment linked to a new Gran Turismo game is? Gran Turismo Sport, the latest of its series, can uphold 60 fps on the PS4 Pro console. Since the company is increasing the frame rate to 240 FPS with PlayStation 5, it suggests that the next-gen console will come with more power.

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