PlayStation Vue: “Must Know” Features

For about four years, Sony’s Internet service PlayStation Vue has proven to be a great option for those wanting to watch TV channels on their phone, tablet, PC, or Roku device. Instead of the old annoying zapping among TV channels with your remote control, with PlayStation Vue you will receive a cool looking interface where channels are grouped. Therefore, choosing what to watch next will be easier, and there’s no TV cable or contract involved.

All the United States now have access to PlayStation Vue, and unfortunately, Sony didn’t say anything about the availability of the service in other countries. Let’s get more into detail about what Sony’s PlayStation Vue has to offer:

Package of channels and affordable prices

There’s a wide variety of channels to choose from, with big networks like NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS. It doesn’t matter in which American state you live, the basic channel selection is similar considering the package of features.

If you increase the price of the premium subscription, you’ll receive more channels. In other words, pay more to receive more. If you choose higher-end subscription packages, you will get more channels added to the basic ones. This is very useful since PlayStation Vue doesn’t cut off the basic channels if you switch to another subscription.

Access: This package costs $45 per month, and it will provide you 45 channels like ESPN, CNN, or Cartoon Network.

Core: you’ll have to pay $50 for this package, and it consists of around 60 channels. Among them, you will find TCM, NBC Golf, NBA TV, and others.

Elite: With this package, you can add more than 30 channels for just $60.

Ultra: As the name may suggest, this package brings you almost all the channels, 90, for only $80.

Cloud DVR

There’s no need for a physical device, with Cloud DVR you can save your favorite shows to a list. You can get the recordings of all the new shows for about twenty-eight days, and watch them from anywhere.

PlayStation Vue seems to be one of the best deals among live TV services from the web. You can watch the channels from a wide variety of devices with no buffering, and at reasonable prices.

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