Pokemon GO 0.181.0 Update Adds New Features and Bug Fixes

The Pokemon GO 0.181.0 update is already rolling out widely on the Google Play Store. The new update introduces special fourth-anniversary boxes that you can’t miss!

If you didn’t install the Pokemon GO 0.181.0 update yet for some reason, feel feel to download an APK File. Here is what you need to know. 

The Pokemon GO 0.181.0 Update: What’s New

The Pokemon GO 0.181.0 update features special fourth-anniversary boxes available for all players in the in-app shop. You can’t miss the Special Box, Ultra Box, and the Adventure Box! They’re sure special for a reason, and you have to find out why.

The update also adds new gift stickers that you can add them to a gift for your friends. Speaking of friends, you can now invite up to five friends to a raid regardless of where they are. And don’t forget to give Niantic Social a try to see which of your friends are online!

Finally, the Pokemon GO 0.181.0 update comes with some bug fixes, too, so that you can have the perfect game experience! You can choose to download an APK file from websites such as APKMirror and install the new update. 

Pokemon GO So Far: Best Features and Other Significant Details

Pokemon GO is one of the most praised games developed and published by Niantic. The game was launched in 2016 as an AR mobile game for Android and iOS users. 

A part of the Pokemon series, Pokemon GO results from a fantastic collaboration between Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. The game uses mobile device GPS to locate, catch, battle, and train virtual creatures. Pokemon GO is free to play, and players can enjoy now 600 species of Pokemon. Here are some of the game’s best features:

  • Battle other trainers;
  • Make friends, exchange gifts, and trade cool Pokemon;
  • Customize your trainer;
  • Increase your Pokedex;
  • Join a battle and a team;
  • Enjoy the raid battles. 

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