Pokemon GO and the Egg Event Challenge: What Should You Know

Pokemon GO introduced recently a new limited-time event that involves some Strange Eggs and a new Special Research.

The latest Team Rocket event, dubbed the Strange Egg Event, is available until October 19. Players get the chance to collect unique 12km eggs, containing valuable Pokemon content inside. Here is what you need to know.

The Strange Egg Event Details

The special eggs are white with red spots and require 12km of walking to hatch. You can obtain them even after this week has ended. 

However, you’ll have 1/4 egg hatch distance during that time, so it’s better if you start working on this challenge right away. 

Obtain the Eggs 

You can obtain the eggs by beating Team GO Rocket Leader. Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo can be found in ballons and at Pokestop. They will appear more frequently during the Strange Egg Event. Also, don’t forget that the Team GO Rocket has been updated. 

The members will use some new Pokemon, including Shellder, Slowpoke, Aerodactyl, Skarmory, and Diglett. These will bring sleek new versions of Omanyte, Drowzee, and Growlithe, after defeat.

How Many Pokemon You’ll Get

You can receive many Pokemon from the Strange Egg Event. However, you’ll get only from two mains types, the Dark-type Pokemon and the Poison. 

New Pokemon includes Trubbish, Larvitar, Vullaby, and Scraggy. The two dark types will also appear more frequently in the wild, and it can bring you a Spinarak, Houndour, Stuncky, Purrloin, Gulpin, or a Poochyena.

Special Research Details

The new Special Research asks you to help Professor Willow examine the Strange Eggs. At the end of the research, you’ll have to fight against the Team GO Rocket boss, Giovanni. 

Defeating Giovanni will bring you the Shadow Mewtwo, one of the most intriguing Pokemon out there!

Pokemon GO was launched for iOS and Android users. 

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