Pokemon GO Community Day Exclusive Move Announced: Get Ready For New Features

Pokemon GO confirms what exclusive Community Day move players could receive for Charizard, assuming Charmander is the one to get featured.

Pokemon GO players were extremely busy deciding the next Community Day events. Voting is now possible, and trainers can choose between Grimer, Charmander, Porygon, and Caterpie.

Niantic revealed, however, what special move Charmander would receive in Pokemon GO if it were to get all the votes, and we’re already excited about it. Here is what you need to know. 

Charmander Could Be the Next Star of Community Day Exclusive

Voting for the upcoming Community Day Pokemon is not a new feature, but it’s one that players have grown to appreciate. Having the chance to decide what Pokemon the trainers can catch next lets us feel like we’re really a community. For the current vote, Niantic announced that the top two winners would appear on September 20 and October 17, respectively. 

Niantic also unveiled that Charizard’s evolved during the Community Day event would receive access to the move Dragon Breath. Such a Dragon-type attack is a Fast Move that comes with a base power of 6, a cooldown of .5s, and could turn Charizard into a more competitive threat. 

While the voting is still on, the results were known almost as soon as it was opened. Porygon, for instance, seems to keep a definitive first place with more than half of the total votes. Charmander, however, hits a strong second place but is more popular than Porygon. 

Porygon, on the other hand, has a shiny form that has yet to be introduced to the game. Along with the fact that this Pokemon is rare, it makes sense that fans are encouraging others to support it and vote. 

Trainers are currently focusing on raids. The Steel/Fire Pokemon Heatran is in 5-star attacks now, and hopefully, it can keep players occupied until the upcoming Community Day. 

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