Pokemon GO Dragon Week: Timed Research Makeup Event Features and Launch Date

Pokemon GO trainers should get ready for a makeup timed research task soon. It offers the same rewards that were available during Dragon Week, but it’ll sure bring more fun.

Pokemon GO’s third and final Ultra Reward Week is almost ending, but there are lots of stuff to do and collect. When Pokemon GO Fest participants got through their global challenges a few weeks ago, they unlocked three rewards: Dragon Week, Enigma Week, and the current Unova Week. 

Every event has gone as planned, despite some egg hatch rates troubles. There were a few technical errors during Dragon Week that made it very hard to complete the Timed Research for many players. 

Now, Niantic is bringing a Dragon Week timed research makeup event. The challenges are very different this time around, but the rewards for finishing every phase will be the same. So, find out how to finally earn a Deino!

The Dragon Week Makeup Timed Research Launch Date

Due to technical errors during Dragon Week, the global makeup will take place from Friday, August 21, at 8:00 AM to Wednesday, August 26, at 10:00 PM local time. 

The Dragon Week Makeup Time Research Features

During this event, all trainers will get access to the new Timed Research. The rewards, however, are similar to Dragon Week Timed Research, but some challenges will be slightly different. The features Pokemon appearing in the wild, won’t be active. 

There are no hints about what the theme will be. Some of the initial challenges will return to make Nice, Great, and Excellent throws or Win a Battle Raid. Also, the modified tasks will replace things such as Catch 3.5 and 7 Dragon-types. 

Once the new event kicks in this weekend, the festivities should give players a good reason to continue chasing the best Unova Pokemon so far. Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices in select regions. 

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