Pokemon GO: Error Fixes and COVID-19 Updates

Pokemon GO is one of the games that evolved a lot after its initial release. The developers have not rested on their laurels, adding a lot of challenges ever since the game’s 2016 release. Despite the constant revisiting, the game is still not completely free of bugs. One of the most annoying ones is the “failed to get friends list” error, which remains in the game four years later. Fortunately, we have found a fix for you.

The “failed to get friends list” error is an especially infuriating one considering the highly social nature of Pokemon GO.  People that are affected by the “failed to get friends list” error will be unable to see their friend list when they enter Pokemon GO. They will instead see a message on which it says “Error 0, Failed to get Friends List, Try again later”. The issue is present on both Apple and Android devices.

The error 0 message is not an easy one to fix, as it will reappear for some people after uninstalling and reinstalling the game multiple times. It is not players that are to blame for this particular message. Rather, the problem lies with Niantic and the developers have tried to find a remedy for it multiple times. Niantic, while working for the fix, has advised people to just uninstall and reinstall Pokemon GO to get rid of the “failed to get friends list” error. This should not lead to a loss in progress in the game, as the progress is saved on the player’s Pokemon GO account, rather than on their device.

As it was expected, Pokemon GO has suffered a lot of setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, since the game involves people going outside to play. As a lot of players are still stuck at home. Niantic has come up with a series of challenges in order to enable people to keep on playing the game.

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