Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Latest Updates: Release Date, Features, and More

pokemon go fest 2020

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 has changed a lot over the years. The upcoming event will allow everyone to earn some great bonuses and enjoy fantastic new spawns. 

The news of Pokemon Go Fest 2020 starting soon emerged recently, creating quite a buzz on the Internet. This time around, the event will arrive as an entirely global event in a virtual format. Trainers worldwide will also get the chance to get the best stuff so far. Here are the latest updates of Pokemon Go Fest 2020. 

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Release Date

Niantic has announced that Pokemon Go Fest 2020 will begin this Saturday, July 25, on Android and iOS. From what has been posted by Niantic, the Pokemon Go starts at 10 AM local time, and it’ll run until 8 PM. This schedule is available, too, for Pokemon Go Fest’s second day, which starts on Sunday (July 26).

Tickets can be bought until July 26, at 6 PM local time. Players should know that if they buy their tickets after the event begins, they might miss out on some of the earlier rewards. And, of course, there’s going to be plenty of fantastic content to check out!

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Expected Spawns

Niantic announced that during Pokemon Go Fest 2020, Habitats will be in rotation hourly, resulting in some sleek spawn combos. Five rotating habitats featuring fire, grass, battle, water, and friendship will be available during the event hours, and everyone will receive various Pokemon and challenges. 

According to Niantic, things might change a bit when Sunday (July 26) opens another series of events. If players own a ticket when Pokemon Go Fest kicks off, all present spawns discovered on the map will become event spawns. 

As for the Day 2 (July 26), Niantic detailed: “We want the Day 2 to be a surprise; a Special Research story for Trainers to enjoy.” More details about Pokemon Go Fest 2020 will be released soon by Niantic. 

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