Pokemon GO – Massive Leak Suggests New Content

We have seen a lot about Pokemon Go and its direction over the past few weeks, including Shiny Pokemon, the 2020 Pokemon GO Fest, new Galarian Pokemon, and other Event Data, as well as other upcoming changes.

Victini and Create

The Pokemon Go Fest Mythical Pokemon is most likely going to be Victini.

That was only a rumor until recently, but the addition of the Victini-centric Pokemon move “CREATE” pretty much confirms it.

GameMaster Dynamic Update

One of the most significant modification is the switching of the GameMaster updated tech.

Though the switch isn’t complete yet, experts revealed that the term “Request Dynamic Game Master Update” appears twice in the newest version of the game’s apk.

For Android, we’ll supposedly see updates from the game displayed without tapping the update button from Google Play, meaning that full automation might happen soon.

Galarian Pokemon Launch

The new update includes Galarian forms of those Pokemon:


Also, the newly discovered “Lapras_Costume_2020” and “Gengar_Costume_2020” are probably tied to the “Halloween_2020” tags from in-game.

Event Aura

Using a Lucky Egg or Incense, players can see a bit of dust, or an aura of magic light surrouding their in-game avatar thanks to the new system known as “Event Buff.”

The Event Buff allows players to see rather than have to figure out when they benefit from bonus points, stardust, half-egg distance, and so on.

The feature will be widely available when Pokemon GO Fest 2020 starts most likely.

Flee Animation

Hesitating to tap a Pokemon in the game while wasting time will lead to it fleeing. When you tap it, you’ll get a red ball error because it had disappeared.

We’ll soon receive a “flee” animation that will come in play when such a thing happens to make it feel more immersive.

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