Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions – How They Have Been Changing!

After pledging to adjust Mega Evolutions, Niantic spoke about other ways to access Mega Energy in the game.

Pokemon Go’s recently added Mega Evolutions have proven controversial among the community, mainly because of the steep cost to Mega Evolve, a Pokemon, and the fact that the resources required for the transformation – Mega Energy, is usually collected via Mega Raids.

Niantic has promised to modify Mega Evolutions as a result, so the developer has recently revealed some modifications that will soon be implemented in-game.

The Announcement

In a recent blog post, Niantic stated that it would add a few more methods to obtain Mega Energy.

Notably, players will be able to earn Mega Energy by walking with their Buddy Pokemon.

According to the studio, Mega Energy can be obtained via additional Research tasks and “other gameplay,” and players can earn extra Candy when they catch a Pokemon that is a similar type as the Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

Here’s the tweet from the official Pokemon Go account that announced the big changes:

Apart from the upcoming changes presented before, the developer has already modified some other Mega Evolutions parameters.

First, players can earn more Mega Energy than before for completing Mega Raids.

The studio has reduced the amount of energy required to Mega Evolve a Pokemon if it was previously Mega Evolved.

The Mega September event is undergoing in Pokemon Go! Make sure that you partake and make the most out of it!

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