Pokemon GO’s Halloween Event 2020: Everything You Should Know

Pokemon GO will welcome a spooky event soon: Halloween 2020!

The much-awaited Halloween event will be available from October 23, 6 PM PDT to November 3 at 6 PM PDT. From catching tons of Pokemon ghosts, completing new research to get some cool rewards, including a fun avatar, we’ll get a ton of new stuff.

The upcoming Pokemon GO event will be even better, with some creepy Pokemon outfits and a massive Mega Gengar!

Here is what you need to know.

Halloween 2020: Complete Guide

Discover spooky Pokemon

Pokemon GO will introduce special items during the Halloween event, such as unique variants of both Sableye and Gengar. 

The Halloween-themed Gengar, for instance, will look like a Banette, and we’ll see it in raids. On the other hand, the costumed Sableye will wear a funny-looking Litwick hat. We can find it in the wild or eggs. But that’s not all.

Galarian Yamask will take us all by storm with its arrival! It’ll undoubtedly become a favorite.

Special Research details

Pokemon GO will also introduce a Special Research dubbed “A Spooky Message Unmasked,” that it will be as intriguing as it sounds.

The research will aid Professor Willow to join a new investigation of the mysterious Galarian Yamask. You’ll also notice that some field research will come with a unique chance to catch a Spiritbomb, a mythical Pokemon. 

And if you finished the Mega Buddy Challenge Timed Research, you’ll be able to grab the brand-new Timed Research for this Halloween event and get the Gengar Mega Energy. 

The Grubhub event

The Grubhub event will allow us to catch the Unown H and Unown G, but you have to sign up first until October 28. 

Other cool stuff

There will be added a few extra special days during the Halloween event. They’ll bring some goodies, too.

On October 25, it will be Catch Mastery: Ghost Day, the GO Battle League: Halloween Cup will be available on October 26 until November 3, while the Alolan Marowak Raid Day will start on October 31. 

Pokemon GO was launched for iOS and Android users.

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