Pokemon Sword and Shield Gives a Sneak Peek for Another New Pokedex Entry

The news of a new Pokedex entry for Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch lets fans in awe. Players highly expect the possibility of such a feature. The game date launch is very close, on November 15, and it will be available worldwide. With the launch date approaching, fans are now being teased about this new Pokedex addition.

Pokemon Sword and Shield suffered a ‘glitch’ which cause such tease amongst fans. The ‘glitch’ offered a pixeled sketch of a new Pocket Monster. Later on, it appeared to be Sirfetch’d, the evolution of Farfetch’d. This cause fans to think at another Pocket Monster. On the other hand, Krabby Pokemon was seen very much on the Pokemon Sword & Shield Secret Members Club website. The occurrence was noted by the founder of Pokemon website Serebii.net, Joe Merrick. He stated, “Hmm, a load of Krabby has started to invade the Pokemon Sword & Shield Secret Members Club website.” Fans, however, think about the possible evolution of the Pokemon in the game.

As we know so far, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the latest role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game is much like Pokemon Go, including its raid encounters, and similarities with Pokemon Go’s open world, ‘Dynamax’ and ‘Gigantamax.’ Players will experience from things such as ‘Poke Jobs’and a quite intriguing ‘Camp’ mode. Players will be able to participate in various requests, which of them is very helpful because of its rewards. Developers wanted this time to bring changes like not all Pokemon species will appear, and many transformations will occur, as well. Until the big release, we could only hope for what’s the best for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and keep our fingers crossed for more features.

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