Pokemon Sword and Shield Got a Special Feature

The official release approaches, and we couldn’t be more content for another significant surprise. Pokemon Sword and Shield developers prepare an update that promises to get in line with our times. The game is highly acclaimed and praised and now will benefit from an autosave update.

As we can remember from the previous games, players couldn’t get the chance to experience the autosave feature. They would’ve quit and then do it manually. Maybe it wasn’t such a significant issue, or perhaps for some, it was. The autosave feature, however, will stop players from unexpected losing data after forgetting to save. More importantly, the update can be turned off whenever you want.

Game Informer confirmed such a report, also stating the fact that the missing Pokemons can come back. This fact comes after too many Pokemon Sword, and Shield speculations involved the eliminating of hundreds of Pokemons from the series.

However, according to the report, even if a considerable number of Pokemons won’t make in the actual lists, they could come back in the next Pokemon games.

Other gameplay tweaks show how the sharing of experience will happen after battles. Before, the Experience Share tool has been used to spread experience between Pocket Monsters. Now, the developers thought that the experience should get shared automatically.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the most expected game so far for Nintendo Switch, being available only on this platform. Until now, the developers unveiled lots of features and details which make the game so unique. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform. We remember as well the Dynamaxing feature which will allow us to change Pocket Monsters in some big creatures with more essential skills.

Also, don’t forget about the live broadcast from Nintendo on October 4, which will run for 24 hours.

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