Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Search for Square Shinies

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield brings lots of improvements that make the gameplay experience better for new and old players alike. A new type of Shiny Pokemon has raised the interest of the community as many players want to track them down.

Players Search for Square Shinies in Pokemon Sword and Shield

During recent days some players observed that the aura of select Shiny Pokemon that was encountered seems to be a little different in comparison to the regular one. In most cases, Shiny Pokemon characters are accompanied by a splash of sparkles, but some were surrounded in a shower of square prisms.

A data miner has explored the numbers behind the mystery, and the results are quite impressive. There are 1: 4,096 odds to get a Shiny, but now there are two types of Shiny. Out of sixteen possible Shiny versions, 15 will show stars while one will display squares. The rarity of the square version reaches 1 in 65.536.

The odds seem to be a bit intimidating, but players can increase their chances by boosting their catch and battle chains. This involves the need to fight and catch the same time of Pokémon over and over again.

There are mixed opinions on the Pokemon Sword and Shield release

Many fans argue that the latest Pokemon game is an excellent entry that brings a breath of fresh air to the aging franchise. Players will explore the new Galar region, which is heavily inspired by the UK. The area is full of charm and personality, and many popular British tropes make an appearance in the game.

A new mechanic is present in the form of Dynamax Raids, which allows teams of players to attempt to defeat massive Dynamaxed Pokemon (AI friends are available for your convenience). The fights are quite spectacular, and they offer decent rewards for the effort.

Both versions of the game have been quite popular, and for the first time, Nintendo allows players to buy a dual pack that is more advantageous than buying the games separately. Pokemon Sword and Shield, which launched on November 15th, is the latest installment in the Pokemon series, but the game only received some low rates.

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