Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Recent Event Brings Gigantamax Back

If you’ve ever dreamed of a Gigantamax variant of your favorite Pokemon, now you can have it. 

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield event will run between June 2 and June 29. Here is why you shouldn’t miss this one. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield June Event Features and Other Details

As the Gigantamax Meowth event has come to an end, another one begins. Starting today (June 2), Game Freak is bringing back each Pokemon given the Gigantamax treatment for a limited period. Such a thing means that you have another opportunity to catch one, or maybe two if you missed them in the previous event. 

The new Pokemon and Shield event will be available until June 29. During this time, you can encounter more Gigantamax variants of Pokemon in Max Raid Battles. 

Connect your Nintendo Switch system to the Internet, and accept the new challenge. Whenever you spot a pillar of light shining from a Pokemon Den in the Wild Area, you know you have to act – interact with it to start the fight. 

Usually, there’ll be a tiny chance a Gigantamax Pokemon will pop-up instead of a Dynamax Pokemon. During this event, however, particular Gigantamax Pokemon are more likely to emerge. And, of course, there will be some Pokemon only available in every variant of the game, so Sword and Shield will have distinct G-Pokemon. 

Gigantamax Versions in Pokemon Sword

  • Alcremie;
  • Appletun;
  • Centiskorch;
  • Corviknight;
  • Duraludon;
  • Garbodor;
  • Gengar;
  • Grimmsnarl;
  • Kingler;
  • Lapras;
  • Toxtricity (Amped).

Gigantamax Versions in Pokemon Shield

  • Butterfree;
  • Charizard;
  • Coalossal;
  • Copperajah;
  • Drednaw;
  • Flapple;
  • Hatterene;
  • Machamp;
  • Orbeetle;
  • Sandaconda;
  • Toxtricity (Low-key form). 

More new details regarding the first wave of DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released soon. The expansion, dubbed The Isle of Armour, should be launched in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more news about Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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