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Pokemon Sword & Shield controversy provokes a White House petition

The latest title of the Pokemon franchise, Sword & Shield, spurred controversy among fans of the series because of the developers’ decision to remove the National Pokedex from the game, a feature that allowed players to import their entire set of Pokemon.

Cause of the problem

Developers say that hardware limitations and the great amount of data oblige them to reduce the number of in-game available Pokemon: There are more than 1000 Pokemon as of the latest game so it’s nearly impossible to recreate / update models for all of them, meaning that player can no longer “catch ‘em all” in the latest game.

The controversy

Part of the reason why everybody is upset about the changes made to the game’s traditional structure is a recent discovery proving that the models for returning Pokemon in Sword&Shield are virtually the same as the ones from the previous game, and this is contradictory with the developer’s promise to redesign the model of each returning Pokemon. It’s  obviously not good to have recycled models instead of fresh, updated ones, and this might mean that ditching the National Dex wasn’t actually needed. 

The petition

The gravity of the scandal rose even more when a mysterious individual known as “C.R.” has created an official petition to the White House, in which he asked President Donald Trump to “stop the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield”.

C.R. says that Americans want the best quality from games, and sales need to be halted to “wake up Game Freak”  and make them give players the full Pokedex that they desire and deserve.



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