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Potential Prey VR Version Leaked by Retailer Listing

It appears that Bethesda and Arkane Studios could be working on a VR version of the Prey, according to what seems to be an accidental leak. ShopTo, a popular UK retailer, featured a listing for Prey VR on their website. The listing mentioned a PSVR edition.

Capcom’s decision to release a VR version of Resident Evil 7 was very-well received among fans as it offered the option to experience the game in a more immersive manner, and it elevated the horror elements.

Joining the Bethesda VR gallery

Bethesda has been quite interested in the VR market in recent years, as a number of titles in its portfolio have been released for VR-capable systems, including DOOM VFR, Fallout 4 VR, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

A VR version of Prey could quite popular among both players of the original version and owners of VR systems who are looking for an impressive AAA experience. Bethesda may have tested the marked in advance with the release of Prey: Typhoon Hunter, a VR spinoff which offers interesting puzzles and a multiplayer game mode

A great psychological-horror experience

Published by Bethesda and developed by Arkane Studios, the Prey reboot received praise for the remarkable horror atmosphere, the solid gameplay experience, and the way in which Arkane managed to reimagine the Prey IP for modern platforms.

During the early hours of gameplay, players will face the first taste of an excellent psychological horror adventure as they roam a vast and detailed setting. Arkane Studios spent a lot of time on details that infuse the setting with life despite the lack of other human characters. A surprising amount of items are used for environmental storytelling, which is executed masterfully.

With VR accessories becoming more affordable, a VR version that captures the elements that made Prey a popular release has the potential to be quite a hit.



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