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Private Tunnel VPN Update 3.0.7 Improves Login Process

We live at the apex of the digital age, as the internet has become an indispensable tool of life, a phenomenon that has been accelerated by the spread of affordable smartphones and improved access to high-speed internet.

While the internet can offer access to a lot of useful things, there are also dangers that need to be taken into account. Nefarious entities strive to collect valuable information from internet users and sell it to the highest better. This is why a reliable VPN app like Private Tunnel VPN.

Improved Security

Private Tunnel VPN is developed and offered by OpenVPN Inc., the popular company behind the well-known OpenVPN protocol. The app is suitable for every type of internet users, from casual ones to business ones. Whether you want to keep your smartphone, house, or business safe, Private Tunnel VPN has you covered with world-famous protection.

Enjoy a VPN service with a quality that is on part with the ones that are employed by major enterprises, as all the traffic to and from your device is secured with military-grade encryption. Nobody can monitor your internet activity or collect any useful information from your device.

Lots of Features

With Private Tunnel VPN, the experience of using a VPN service is seamless. Thanks to advanced algorithms, the quality of your internet connection will stay intact and as fast as ever. It works with every type of connection, including Wi-Fi hotspots.

Pick your favorite servers from a long list and remain anonymous. With servers spread across the world it is easy to find the best one for your current connection type or pick a preferred location to unlock specific websites in an instant. There is no need to worry about traffic since Private Tunnel VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth on up to three devices.

The 3.0.7 comes with improvements for the login process.



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