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Project Cars 3 Announcement Trailer Sparks Worries Among Fans

Project Cars and Project Cars 2 are two of the most popular racing simulators in the video games world, as both have been quite popular among players and have attracted a solid fanbase.

Many fans love Project Cars because of the focus on realistic simulation, as players can customize an incredible array of settings, and the games strive to recreate the experience of driving a professional racing car, where the smallest mistake can lead to dire consequences and end up in a lost race.

Trailer worries

Fans began to worry when Codemasters, a renowned and developer of racing games, bought Slightly Mad Studios, the developer of the Project Cars series, in November 2019. Unlike Project Cars, the titles offered by Codemasters tend to be placed at the middle between arcade and simulations, as they offer a somewhat realistic experience without the punishing difficulty of a real racing simulator.

An announcement trailer for the game that was released recently has fueled concerns among fans. At one point in the trailer, an Acura NSX touches the rear end of a Mercedes and pushes it of the road without any visible damage on the two cars.

Making the game more accessible

While the scene is impressive, the lack of any visual damage was interpreted by some fans as a turn towards an arcade gameplay style, similar to what can be experienced in the Forza or Need for Speed series.  As the scenes shifts the Mercedes towards a garage, it is likely that the moment was thought to be dramatic without reveling any gameplay changes. SSM has stated that they aim to attract more players, and it is likely that the game might be more accessible than previous iterations.

The rest of the trailer showcases cars running on different race tracks and higlights enhanced customization abilities that will allow fans to create the car of their dreams. Several other features are planned, including improved AI drivers, a refreshed career mode, and VR support.



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