PS Store Source Code Reveals New PS5 Feature!

Sony keeps vast amounts of information about the PS5 secret for the moment, so avid code junkies have to extract the data from the company somehow.

New code snippets uncovered from the PS Store’s web version hint towards some of the features we expect to see on Sony’s next-gen console.

First of all, it appears that wishlists will finally be embedded into the console. A line of code reads: “Your wishlist isn’t available on this website. You can find it on a PS5.”

Also, some details suggest that you can create parties with up to 100 members and share music playlists with friends.

The word “Takedown” is mentioned too, but we don’t know what’s up with it yet.

Aside from that, it appears that backward compatible games that are compatible with the PS5’s boost mode will be marked accordingly. Simultaneously, there will be a message warning for the 1% of PS4 games that aren’t available on the upcoming system.

Curiously, there is a reference to a page on the official website thoroughly detailing backward compatibility, but it’s offline at the time.

The PS5 is fantastic. We are less than two months away from its release, and many gamers around the world are impatiently counting the days until the game’s release.

We are delighted to learn more news about the PS5. However, it would be nicer if Sony decided to publish them officially instead of having passionate people spend countless hours digging up hidden information.

Many of us are extremely hyped up ever since the console was announced. The console wars are back on, and it looks like Sony faces severe competition from Microsoft!

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