PS5 2TB Model Price Leak Offers Ludicrous Numbers

The release of the next generation of consoles is one of the most anticipated events of 2020, as many fans are looking forward to the next generation of devices, which promise a massive performance improvement.

A listing spotted on the website of a well-known German retailer surprised many people as it mentioned a 2TB edition of the Digital, which is accompanied by an impressive price of €974.79, or approximately $1,150. The massive price is quite intimidating at first sight, but it’s likely that it is just a placeholder.

Potential prices

According to some sources, the standard version of the PS5 will cost $499 while the Digital Edition, which doesn’t feature a Blu-ray drive, will cost up to $450, but it could be sold for as low as $400. Such price ranges are quite reasonable, and it is likely that versions with more built-in storage space won’t be too expensive.

Sony and Microsoft have kept the price of the new consoles a secret, at it seems that both companies are waiting for one of them to be the first one who announces prices.

Different marketing goals

With more than 100 PS4 and PS4 Pro units sold across the world, Sony is quite determined to push sale numbers with the PS5. A strong lineup of launch titles and exclusive games could attract a large number of new and old buyers, especially since the Korean giant promised that the console would be backward-compatible with PS4 games.

A strong selling point is the ultra-fast SSD solution engineered by Sony, which offers higher performance in comparison to other alternatives available on the market. Sony could also opt to release larger SSDs models for those who wish to upgrade their console at a later date, a move that would lower the popularity of an extensive 2TB model.

The PS5 might be released in November.

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