PS5 Backwards Compatibility – Fresh News You NEED To Know!

A new rumor has recently emerged among the gaming community, and this time it is about a possible revamped PS Now service with the PS5.

The Dilemma

Gamers worldwide were left in a cliffhanger by Sony, who hasn’t revealed whether their upcoming console will feature backward compatibility back to the original Playstation (PS1).

The latest rumors come from 4chan, a source that we have mixed feelings about, but the same news was posted across various other platforms, so it looks like the information’s poster might be up to something.

Rumors about the PS5’s backward compatibility capabilities started when Ubisoft posted about the subject… and then deleted the post.

The question was, why would they delete the post? Could it be because it was fake news or because they accidentally revealed something that Sony would have liked to keep secret for a while longer?

The Post

The initial poster claims that the PS Now service will be a pleasant surprise for PS5 gamers who would like to play classic games from a generation (or more) back.

Here’s the comment that stays at the base of the latest rumors:

“PS Now is the solution for backward compatibility for PS1, PS2, and PS3 all will include a new filtering technology for upscaling certain games. For PS1 and PS2 games, it’s the already known tri-linear texture filtering. PS3 games it is more interesting.”

Possible Confirmation Of An Older Rumor?

Though the rumor source isn’t the most credible one, the comment comes in line with a report from July about a new PS Now-related patent.

Consider taking the information with a grain of salt, as Sony hasn’t revealed anything yet (but we believe that they will soon post an update via an official channel).

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