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PS5 Might Arrive With Interchangeable Faceplates: What to Expect

The rumor about PS5 arriving with a killer customization feature emerged recently. 

Leaked photos from a Chinese factory have displayed a PS5 with what seems to be detachable faceplates. So, we might be able to change the default faceplates and customize Sony’s next-gen console the way we want. Here are the latest details.

PS5’s New Feature Leaked: the Best Way to Customize the Console 

The leaked images were published by Wario 64 on Twitter and indicate how the faceplates will seemingly fit onto the main body of Sony’s next-gen console. The faceplates will come as attachments rather then glued-on plates. Such a thing seems to track with the company’s previous statement that the next-gen console will be very customizable.

The new feature will allow users (if they don’t prefer the white and black two-tone color design of the standard PS5), to choose different color faceplates. Sony could supply them, or it could leave such a thing in the hands of third-party “aftermarket” peripheral makers. 

Interchangeable faceplates don’t mean the next-gen console’s overall design can be customized. The standard design, however, is appreciated by some, while others consider it just wrong. The over-designed and over-sized router didn’t succeed to impress everyone, so a customization feature is more than awaited.

The PS5 surely avoids the monolithic aspect of the Xbox Series X, which is an upright rectangular box. But such choices of design are pretty much logical. For instance, Microsoft has a distinct cooling system to maintain its 12 teraflop machine cool. As for Sony, its 10.28 teraflop console also seems to be developed around smart cooling; only it’s a bit more pretentious. 

Unfortunately, the leaked images’ source can’t be verified, so it’s better to take them with a pinch of salt. But, the faceplates in the pictures do seem to match rather closely to the design of the next-gen console. 



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