PS5 Owners Will Be Able To Send Voice Chat Recording To Sony

Many Sony fans are looking forward to the release of the PlayStation 5, especially since Sony has teased a large number of features. However, a new feature could be quite annoying for some players.

A new firmware update was released recently for the PS4, and some players were surprised when a pop-up message informed them that voice chat conversations could be recorded for moderation purposes. The surprise was increased by the fact that there were no mentions of this feature in the official changelog.

New feature

As the backlash started to accumulate, Sony decided to clear the issue with an official post on their blog, which mentioned details about the new feature. It appears that voice chat moderation will be a feature available on the PS5 at launch.

PS5 users will have the option to record voice chat conversations on their devices and submit them for moderation if they believe that other participants used an improper language. While it can be argued that the feature can be abused since your consent isn’t needed, it could be used to prevent harassment in voice chats.

Other changes

It is important to note that the audio will be used only if a player submits a recording to the moderation team, so players can rest assured that no one will discover their secret strategies for winning a game. Sony has also improved the integration between the Party and Messages features.

A fresh selection of new pre-set avatars is also available, and they include characters and motifs from many popular games, among which we can count Blood Borne, God of War, The Last of U II, and more. Parental controls were also enhanced as parents have the option to ban or allow children from using communication tools and user-generated content.

The complete list of changes can be found on the internet.

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