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PS5 Release Date And Rumors – News About Potential Features, Price, And More

Recently, a Danish retailer has stated that the price of the upcoming PS5 will be at around 1.000 USD. While there are plenty of gamers that would consider paying such an enormous sum, the amount is still too significant to be true. Contradicting the Danish retailer, the latest price that is speculated comes from Play N Trade Vancouver. They are stating that probably the console will be around 400 USD.

The Canadian site is advertising on their Facebook page that they are already taking preorders for the PS5 with a limit of two consoles per order. What is interesting is that on their Facebook page, they are listing different prices for the device. In one comment, the price is 559 CAD, while in a later one, they are stating that the console is 559.99 CAD.

More About The PS5 Release Date

Even though this business may not seem very professional, what is clear is that the money paid before the official release of the product will probably act as a deposit.

This price speculation is lower than what anyone has previously stated and is confusing the internet. Another rumor is reporting that the company might adopt a quality-price ratio etiquette in order to attract more customers. This theory is based on the competition since Microsoft is planning to launch its Xbox Series X at a more affordable price. Sony, for its part, will not fall behind.

The PS5 release date is still not mentioned. The officials have only announced the final months of this year and many fans are thinking about November to be the lucky month since the developers have a tradition of launching their products during this time. In addition to this, Sony is launching its console during the holiday at the end of 2020 and the time slot between the two rivals must be the same.



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