PS5 Reveal Event – Amazon Says The Pricing Was An Error

Microsoft and Sony have kept secret the prices of their upcoming gaming consoles, but a recent listing on Amazon’s had seemingly leaked a £599.99 (about $750) launching price of the PS5 in the UK.

However, Amazon has officially stated that the listings were not accurate. 

The Statement

A spokesperson from Amazon UK explained in a statement to IGN UK that the listings from the vendor’s website were just dummy values, meant to fill the field where they will ultimately post the final price.

The listing led to a ton of controversy among gamers. Some pointed out that the “leaked” price of the PS5 is suspiciously close to the launch price of the PS3, which was labeled as overpriced many years ago.

Rumors And Speculation

Some people talked about the possible price of the new consoles, but neither Microsoft nor Sony were keen on making that information public yet.

The closest we’ve come to that is learning the cost of manufacturing, as a shortage of parts provoked by the ongoing pandemic pushed the production price for the PS5 up to $450. 

Unfortunately, those prices aren’t necessarily relevant for the final retail pricing. We have seen companies sell gaming consoles at a loss or with minimal profit.

PS5 Reveal Event

The PS5 reveal event will start in less than 90 minutes, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET.

You can watch it here:

The event is mainly about showing off games that will be launched on the new console.

Some rumors say that the new Call of Duty game will be presented today, alongside a Silent Hill reboot and possibly Horizon Zero Dawn 2. 

We have seen the design of the new DualSense controller as well as some gameplay demo, but we want to see more. The SSD of the PS5 will undoubtedly make it possible for developers to add an extra layer of complexity to their games.

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