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PS5: We Have a Price Update and It’s Great News

Sony will soon uncover their new PS5 console, with many details about the release date and the price. All we know is that the console will get a release date during the holiday 2020 period, and Sony has already talked – only a bit – about PS4’s successor. But there are so many things we still do not know, like the games coming to the console and what it will look like.

So when is the release date?

We will hear all the details about the console this year. A news drop might happen in a State of Play broadcast. But we do not know when that will happen, either. According to some rumors, it could happen this month. Others say that the PS5 reveal will happen around the date when E3 2020 was also supposed to take place in June. But we are still waiting to find out more.

How much will it cost?

Meanwhile, a price update has hit the internet, and it might be good news for everyone.

A Canadian retailer started to take pre-orders for the PS5 and has listed a price. It has been said that PS5 will cost CAD$559 – that’s around USD$397, and £324.

If this is the real price of PS5, then it is very appealing, and frankly, a fantastic idea to get it. Just imagine! A next-gen console with this price! Analysts predicted the price of PS5 between $399 and $499, but this price put the console at the bottom of their predictions.

We have also heard some rumors about Xbox Series X, as well. Its price would be at around $599.



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