PS5’s SSD Might Not Come With as Much Free Space as Expected

A fresh new leak of the PlayStation 5 UI unveils that the next-gen console’s SSD might not come with as much free storage space as some expected.

Sony started its promo tour for the PS5 by offering select Japanese media members an opportunity to go hands-on with the next-gen console. Video and previews from the hands-on experiences unveiled new details about the console’s cooling, highlighted its record-breaking size, and revealed some gameplay. 

However, unofficial details about the next-gen console have also leaked, potentially unveiling more specific details about the console. For instance, one leak shows that the available storage space for the PS5’s SSD might be far less than we expect. Here is what you need to know.

How Much Free Storage Will Get?

According to the recent leak, the PS5’s included 825GB SSD will offer almost 664GB of usable storage space for saving files, games, and other media. Of course, this option is not yet confirmed and is only supported by a leaked screenshot of the PS5 UI, which could also be false. 

The option of less than 700GB of storage space on PS5 has some concerned. Depending on game types and file sizes, 700GB can support between 8-14 new triple-A games. There are many games with file sizes much larger than that option, like Destiny 2. 

Usually, a hard drive doesn’t provide the advertised storage space, and for consoles, that is an important portion of the hard drive that includes its OS. Let’s take the Xbox Series X’s 1TB hard drive, for example. It offers approximately 802GB of storage space, with the OS occupying some 200GB of space. 

Good News

There is also some good news. Sony’s PS UI and OS don’t take up as much space on the SSD. However, with a smaller overall size for the drive, there isn’t much space for games. And assuming that some PS5 games could have a minimum of 100GB, then it stands to reason that users will need to make choices about what to deleted and keep installed. 

Both game prices and file sizes increase in the next-gen, but how gamers will respond to that will be different from user to user. For costs, it will likely mean that users will become more discerning about which games they buy at launch. Sony didn’t release any official pricing or details for its SSD. 

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