PUBG: Best Tips to Boost the Performance on PC

Right now, it is so-yesterday news that PUBG is not as optimized as it should be, be it on the Xbox One console or on PC. We have seen a lot of improvements, but there is still a long way until we get the smooth gameplay we want.

All of these problems also come with glitches and desktop crashes, and it seems that the game is not even trying to work. At some point, it even gets annoying.

But we also come with great news. You can do something in order to improve the performance of your PC. If you are up to make some effort, then you might have to win. You put a lot of effort into winning those matches, so you might want to do something to fix this problem, as well. It is really to your advantage.

When looking for the spot for the optimal settings, you will see that it can get quite frustrating, because it is not easy. We have written this article to tell you what you should change in the settings of the game in order to make it work better. You will optimize your game, and you should not encounter these problems ever again.

These are the best FPS settings

You will need to change these settings to make your game run smoothly.

The Anti-Aliasin should be high. The screen scale should be of 100-103. The shadows should be very low, as well as the Effects, the Foliage, the View Distance, and the Post-Processing. Just as the Anti-Aliasin, the Textures should also be high. The Motion Blur and the V-Sync should be off.

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