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PUBG Might Enhance DDoS Attacks Protection and Performance

PUBG got updated recently for PC. The console variant, unfortunately, received terrible news. According to PUBG’s official Twitter, an update for the console would be delayed until March 3. The reason, as devs explained, is due to technical issues.

But, as players encountered more problems, PUBG started to look after some fixes. The ones who stress too much about their performance should contact the support team. Among steps for removing the issues, PUBG focused first on deleting the Miramar map from the console, as the map was one element that brought the most crashes and bugs.

PUBG Try to Enhance Players’ Experience

The Miramar map isn’t the only one that gave players a hard time. PUBG is also encountering some bugs from DDoS attacks (shared denial of service attacks). As you know, a DDoS attack uses many systems to transfer requests to a server. So, such a feature guarantees that the server is busy and therefore stops legit users from being able to contact the server.

Consequently, rejecting them from the service. PUBG has stated that the amount of DDoS attacks is now more frequent since November 2019. Also, devs talked about their continuous trying to find the perpetrators of those attacks.

The new report, however, indicated that PUBG has beefed up its safety norms and decreased the recurrence of those attacks by up to 85 %. Developers have also promised that they become more “transparent” about their work soon. Those problems were there for too much time, and PUBG is determined to fight them. Another issue concerns the way cheaters, find their way into the game.

Players requested support for such thing, asking PUBG to region-block Chinese players as they are the ones who cheat the most. We hope, however, that developers will decide the future of PUBG soon.



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