PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update Will Arrive Soon With Death Replay And More Features

PUBG Mobile has offered some hints about the launch date of the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 version update. In a recent announcement on Twitter, PUBG Mobile confirmed that all with arrive on March 3.

PUBG also said that the variant update would introduce the praised and long-waited feature, the Death Replay. The 0.17.0 variant had been supposed for any time now to arrive since the beta version kicked in a few weeks ago.

The Death Replay feature, also known as “kill cam,” is a sleek feature that has already been introduced for the PC variant. With the 0.17.0 variant, it will finally reach the PUBG Mobile territory as fans waited for such a long time.

Death Reply Will Arrive on PUBG Mobile

Why is such a feature so significant for players? Well, it an essential tool considering its skills to modify the way gamers play the game. It provides extra analysis for the tactics and mistakes that produced the final status, which is death.

As the name indicates, the feature Replays the ultimate most significant moments in a battle with a focus on how you ended up being killed in the first place by your opponent. Death Replay is, in other words, “for you to peruse the last few seconds before your ultimate downfall.”

Other Additions in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0

Such an option has been considered very useful for those who are new in the PUBG Mobile world. It can support them in making the best decisions and enhance their gameplay. Players will review their errors that brought their dramatic end. It will also help in sharpening the strategies and in avoiding the already made mistakes. Apart from its replay system, the feature will assist players in reporting any hacker they encounter in the game. So, besides its excellent skills, it is, too, a unique way to support your beloved game!

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