PUBG Mobile: Arctic Mode To Come Out Soon

The latest PUBG Mobile update has brought a few new game modes that players can explore and enjoy. However, this is not enough for developers as they are planning to introduce yet another new game mode.

The PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update introduced game modes such as the Amusement Park Mode, New Airdrop Weapon: DBS, as well as others, but we mentioned above, there is more to come. The PUBG Mobile developers are currently working on a new Evoground mode, such as the Arctic Mode, for example. The Royale Pass Season 12 was just recently introduced into the game, and we are already excited about what is to come.

Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile

What is the Arctic Mode mode about? This game mode is similar to the Classic Mode gameplay. The player will have to face arctic storms from time to time in Vikendi. To survive, gamers will have to keep their character’s body temperature high. If they fail to do so, their character’s health will keep decreasing steadily.

How to maintain a high body temperature?

One way to keep the body temperature high is to start an indoor fire. You will need to gather a few branches to keep the flame alive for as long as possible. Use the light to roast the chickens. Roast chickens will restore your character’s body temperature. You can find chickens by hunting them. You can also use heat packs or look for heaters to keep your health in check.

Other ways include snowboarding, as the game mode will feature the Winter Festival. You can also discover new tactics via drones.

Arctic Mode Release Date in PUBG Mobile

The release date of the upcoming game mode was not revealed yet, but do not fret. We will probably find out more official details soon enough. Until then, enjoy the new knowledge we provided you.

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